Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Once again I have taken a hiatus. I need to get my act together. Sorry for all those who foolishly, I mean, foolheartedly, I mean follow this blog. It has been a story of whirlwind life. I have been to Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and California in the last month doing life things. Plus, you throw in two sick kids and UGH! The blog falls behind.

Good news is- calves are branded, calves are shipped, horse are shod, and the neighbors have been helped. We also had time to visit family a little bit in between these escapades.

Bad news is- we have had budget cuts, changes in adminstration, and and more turmoil than this neophyte would like.

I am in the process of reevaluating my position on things. I have been told by my supervisor- you need to find a speciality so people want you to come speak and you get out of the local impacts and start making more regional ones.

When, I started considering this advice, I thought- I have a speciality it is beef cows. Not really what he had in mind. So, I thought, where can I really make a difference in beef cows. Then it hit- PUBLIC PERCEPTION and POLICY!

So, I am going to start up again with my advocacy campaign! Like the presidential race- I hope to continue through 2012!