Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost time

Well it is almost time for me to step out of my paying job and back into my "real job".  Working four ten hour days allows me to be a mother and cow hassler for three days out of the week. The whole ~ Things you dream about every day.

So, I look forward to my Thursday end of the work week day.  To my time to shoe horses, hassle cows, and enjoy my kids.

Today is a very special day.  My little man turns one!  It was a struggle to get him here.  He was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome in February which resulted in three blood transfusions, a week in a pediatric hospital, and more gray hair and worry lines. 

Good news is he is improving rapidly and is almost back to normal according to his lab work. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A social media "friend" of mine just posted the most awesome quote~ Never give up on something you dream about everyday.

For me, it is owning livestock.  I dream about taking care of my own calves and foals as a full time job.  I will keep trying.  I currently work two full time jobs now~ one in extension and one as a mother.  One is for money, the other is for hugs, dirty faces, and smiles.

Some people do not understand the need to smell like horse sweat, cattle manure, and sagebrush. Others, only have the disney side of such a life.  I partial get both.  Taking care of animals is more addicting than heroin for me.  I would guess it is a far greater high.  Nothing besides my kids or husband give me the inner peace and satisfaction of seeing baby calves bucking across a field, even if they are not mine.

I am experiencing a whole new sensation though.  As my two year old is starting to become more involved.  She fed her first baby calf this weekend.  Then, we couldn't get her away from the leppy pen.  She has started helping us on short gathers.  She rides in front of me in the saddle, jabbering like a little magpie.  Such an inquisitive, precosious little ball of fire.  The pride wells up as she tells the cows- look for the gate, go find your calves, your baby is hollering ~ where is my mama.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally Some Time

Finally found some time.  Life has been catching up to me.  For several weeks my small son T.M. was extremely sick.  We spent several days in a pediatric unit and have been going back and forth to the local hospital for tests.

Then, spring work started.  So, it was bust your but to get as much done in a four day work week, at the town job, then off to work the fun job.

The fun job includes- pairing out cows and calves to a different field, doctoring sick animals, and tagging calves. 

Also, it is branding season. I have mentioned how much I adore branding season.  Good friends, good times, roping, and socializing after a long winter of being holed up.

We also teach leathercraft for the local 4-H group.  This weekend is their big show.  Wish the kids luck.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bad Blogger

So, I am a bad blogger. I am inconsistent.  I don't have regular access to a computer.  AND Gasp....  I write about my kids.  So here is part of what has been keeping me away from all of my loyal readers (well at least you Robert)!

I have been crazy busy at work.  I have been trying to establish my "speciality" of sorts which is seemingly easy until you get down to it.  No money, no time, too many ambitions.  I have fell into this jack of all trades master of none type of pattern.  Which doesn't bode well for promotions.  I am trying to sort all that out.

I did go to Spokane for the Society of Range Management Meetings.  Talk about old home week.  I ran into people I haven't seen since I left the great state of Montana.  It was awesome.  I also saw some of my favorite scientists, producers, and agency people. 

In the midst of all my "socializing" called work, I presented a poster on the effects of grazing on waterfowl habitat.  It was interesting the different people who came and talked to me about my project.  From those who knew some information about the type of methods I am using to those who are totally clueless.

I have also been hurrying home to get ready for this weekend.  I am roping in a "fancy loop" contest with a great young man!  With it being winter (kinda) here, it has been a challenge to actually practice and get my horse in shape.  We will be rusty but will do well!  I just know it!

So, have a good weekend.  I will try and take pictures of this (Bad) blogger in ACTION.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


For the next ten days, I am overbooked.  I have only said I would be at the absolute number of meetings I have to but, they seem to keep scheduling them on top of each other.  I could really use some help but due to the state of california's budget, it doesn't look like I am going to get any reprieve.

I am annoyed that both meetings I was supposed to or was invited to attend today were cancelled.  I guess I can catch up on other annoyances. 

I am trying to get some practice in for a roping the first weekend in February though.  Need some cattle because, it all changes when you add two live critters to the scene instead of just roping a dummy.  Good for me the weather has been gorgeous for this time of year... Bad for the ground though.  We haven't had much snow or even rain for that matter.  It is a little scary but hopefully, we will start seeing some.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Election 2012

I have been researching the candidates in order to get ready for the primaries here.  I ran acrossed an interesting bit of information- Rick Santorum is LOVED by HSUS and PETA.  Eagads... Not a good thing if you are in agriculture.

I don't want to tell anyone who to vote for but this adds to the "not for this girl" list for me.  I think if possible Texas would get the best score overall for not supporting the same things HSUS does.  But who wants to live in Texas, it would be too easy.  All you have to worry about there is drought, things that creep, crawl, slither, bite and sting!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

14 cattle trucks burned

Animal rights terrorists have hit a new low.  They detonated fire bombs to burn up fourteen cattle trucks.  Thank goodness no one has been deemed injured but the possibility is there.  This is sad.  If you don't agree, vote at the grocery store.

I really am disturbed by the continual threats to the nation's food supply.  This is particularly disheartening when you think of the possible damage or loss of life that could have been associated with such a rash act.  Unfortunately, there are nuts out there that don't think.