Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Something I don't do much is talk about my personal life. I am a professional in some sense of the word, working for a land grant University. Recently, I rewrote my job description. It is one of the perks of being a UC employee is you get to determine what your job description is. As part of that I added a clause "to work as a facilitator in bringing diverse groups of people to work together to discuss issues, and possible solutions. Basically, I help producers that are having problems with state and federal agencies. Somedays it raises my blood pressure WAY WAY up. I shouldn't let that happen, I really have nothing to gain or lose by the outcome of most of these meetings besides maybe - RESPECT.

So, today I spent 3+ hours discussing monitoring protocols and trying to convince federales that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. The information is out there. We just need to use our collective resources to do it. The funny part of the whole situation was you could see the look on many of there faces change the closer we got to quitting time. The also became more compliant. Note to self- schedule meetings with BLM and USFS close to three. The are much more congenial. :)

I was upset though, besides the wasting of time, the guy in charge of the meeting blamed livestock for juniper encroachment. Not quite sure how that all works but I am going to do a little research on it. I will keep you informed and if HE IS WRONG rest assured he will definitely be informed at 2:59.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What happened to common sense?

What has happened to common sense in the United States? Something that seems so simple becomes convuluted and complicated. I was reading a news article about Devil's Lake in North Dakota. The lake has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. It has flooded out a couple of towns, taken in thousands of acres of farmland, and caused many to be concerned about towns further down stream if the overflow should ever become overpowered.

There were comments from people after the end of the article.

One said "Serves the Bush voting __________ right. They deserve to lose their homes for being bigots."

Um... Wow that was pretty ironic and without much backing.

Another " They shouldn't have polluted the earth in the first place. If we didn't have global warming they wouldn't have so much rain."

Ok. I have several issues with this statement. The whole entire state has less people than several cities in the U.S. I am sure they have contributed to global warming way more than New York or even Rhode Island (insert sarcasm). I mean especially if you look at the carbon credits that can be attributed to the northern portion of the Great Plains. My second issue is have you ever been to North Dakota? That is the least likely spot for a global warming issue. They are happy it is coming as rain because if it didn't it would likely come as snow which requires much colder temperatures. Which would still be moisture?! Right?

The list goes on until they start personally attacking one gentlemen who says he lives in the area. He spoke about the possibilities and what the true problem is in his eyes. Canada. Yep, sorry my Canadian friends but Canada has some environmental concerns in the dog fight and is worried about water quality so they cannot retrench the old overflow channel. Even though the border is still several hundred miles away.

Hope No Dak gets some relief, soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Goofy Group of AR People

Another goofy group of AR people are making their prescense know throughout the United States. THey are known Farm Animal Rights Movement and want to have a world farm animal day.


I am worried. I know they have backers. I know there is people that believe their mission is true but... They have on their web page to protest when mainstream media is at an outbreak of swine flu. DOH!

I don't want someone who isn't smart enough to differentiate the hazards of swine flu and farm animals to be telling others what to do. I don't think people should listen to them but there has been worse "prophets". Jon Marvel for one.

I don't know how to combat against these people. They are spreading malacious lies about my livelihood. You really can't sue them for slander/libel or maybe you could. Are you better off educating the general public so they don't fall into the trap. Maybe a bunch of Animal Science PhD's could get together and start a group- call themselves Dr.s but not explain that it isn't an M.D. and spread the truth. Hmmm.. Anyone want to chip in for travel expenses? How about some beer money? I am sure after a couple days in the city of educating the general public it will take some medicinal extras to ease the pain. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ruby Pipeline Update

Looks like El Paso Corp is finding out what happens when you make deals with the devil. The spawn come out of the woodwork to get their due also.

Three environmental groups have asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to halt construction of a natural gas pipeline that’s being built in Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

The latest challenge to the 680-mile Ruby Pipeline project comes from three environmental groups: the Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter and the Great Basin Resource Watch.

The lawsuit, filed late last week, alleges federal agencies conducted incomplete and inadequate environmental reviews during the permitting phase of the project.

David Von Segern is with the Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter.

David Von Segern: “They’ve chosen a route that should pretty much shoot it though pristine northern Nevada, a high desert steppe that is supporting wildlife especially the sage grouse and we’re very concerned about fragmentation of habitat.”

As spokesman for the El Paso Corporation, the company behind the project defended the permitting process, arguing it adequately protects wildlife along the route.

The 9th Circuit is still reviewing a separate request by the Center For Biological Diversity to halt the project.

The way I understand it the Center for Biological Diversity is being a front man for Western Watersheds Project. Boy I bet El Paso Corp is having a big DOH! moment.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga

Wow Lady Gaga is sure making waves with her controversial costumes. On the cover of Japan's Vogue she was dressed in a beef bikini. Then to the VMA (I think) Awards she dressed in what looked like a red meat formal complete with a steak for a hair piece. PETA is screaming about how Lady Gaga is pushing away vegetarian and vegan fans.

I am not a huge Lady Gaga fan but I kinda like this stunt. Let PETA complain.

Another celebrity that is pushing red meat is Angelina Jolie. WOO HOO! She talked about her stint as a veagan and discussed how she was sickly, unhealthy, and lacked energy. Let's see-- Here is a women who can hire a dietician, a chef, and a personal trainer. When asked what her beauty sercret is she states- RED MEAT! Angelina, I was a fan before but I am an even bigger fan now!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Public Lands

I was out on BLM ground yesterday looking at a medusahead die off. Yeah... But the medusahead (a invasive grass species that is similar to cheatgrass except it is palatable for only about 6 hours compared to cheatgrass' 8 hours), is being replaced by Russian Thistle. I didn't think it was possible to go from bad to worse but it did.

I suggest a fairly routine procedure for rehabilitating the site that I use on private lands. I have had good luck using this protocol on most sites and soil types and it is simple. Remove noxious weed using herbicide or in this case a natural phenomeona. Plant cereal rye. Harvest rye (mechanical or with cows). Seed perennials into stubble.

The federales took my suggestion and then proceeded to tell why it wouldn't work. They also shrugged their shoulders and gave me this blank stare when I discussed a planting procedure that wasn't in the norm. Then, they wonder why the agency is being attacked. They are scared to stick their necks out, they are scared to do anything different.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arizona Proposition

WOW! For a state that brought us McCain Arizona is sure making up for the defeat of Palin :) First, the Immigration Law which is still heavily being debated and now a proposition to protect the rights of carnivores, specifically those who like to harvest their own meat. Proposition 109 is to be put to a vote in November. The law would protect the rights of hunters from "people who have watched too many Disney movies". I am not making this up. That is exactly what the senator said- hence the quotes.

I guess I am not the only anti-Disney person out there. The senator who sponsored the bill went on to say- " There is no current threat to hunting in Arizona, but if there is ever a threat I want the decision to be based on science not emotion."

A big echo of what many have been saying. Good on you Arizona, keep up the fight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I might be the worst blogger ever. Oh Well. I will try to keep up and it should be easier with winter coming on. I won't be as apt to go outside and annoy some horses.

Yesterday, after getting in a lengthy conversation with a vegan, wannabe hippie headed to burning man. In case you don't know what burners are- www.burningman.com EEEK! I decided you can't win them all and it is much easier to convince someone who isn't so entrenched in their beliefs. It was one of those conversations that just left you shaking your head. It also made me want to scream-- WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN RURAL AMERICA IF YOU WANT IT TO BE JUST LIKE THE SMOG INFESTED STINK HOLE YOU CAME FROM. -- Then add a couple !@$# and !@*() for effect.

I was told my science is biased and cows don't belong on the public range. I was also informed that by eating meat I am eating anothers soul. I couldn't help myself. I told the person I stayed away from the soul it was too chewy and high in calories.

WOW... There was so many comments that I didn't even have an answer for that wasn't biased or smart ass or offensive. I will have to work on my advocacy. :)