Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Behind every good cowboy...

There are cute signs out there... You know the type. Behind every good rancher is a wife with a town job. Why do so many work off the farm or ranch? Everyone's first assumption is money. In a roundabout way that is true... I would say it is insurance. The cost of insuring your self is too expensive to not have someone work off the place and obtain employer paid insurance.

Many ranches do not offer insurance because the cost is too great. Getting a town job especially, a government job alleviates the problem. I know we are grateful for our insurance and will be more so as the kids get older. Especially, after I came around the corner the other day and saw the almost two year standing up on her rocking horse. No fear.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ag in the Classroom

Headed for Ag in the Classroom this morning. We are expecting over 300 little darlings from around the area. There will be information on all types of agriculture from Beef by-products to goats.

It is exciting to have a new presenter this year. A retired BLM employee is going to do a short demonstration on feral horses and the need for gathers. Hopefully, this will start a new line of thinking in our younger generation. From what I understand, it is a modified game of tag. Some kids are horses, some are food and water. Horses must go and secure food and water, those who cannot are either "gathered" or "die".

Wish me patience. This is alot of Kindergarteners through third graders but well worth the time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am unofficially back from my hiatus. Sorry all. Had to take some maternity time, which I was planning on typing on my blog from my Blackberry but that didn't happen because I lost my user name and password in the process of taking work home with me.

We have added another little agriculturalist hopeful to the population. Tell joined us four weeks ago, today. Which was also about 16 days past his due date. To be completely honest, I am kinda hoping Tell doesn't want to cowboy... I am tired of giving up my horses. :) I am thinking a mechanic or a rock star would be ok. He could be the celebrity voice for ranchers everywhere- move over Sam and Matt, there is a new kid in town.

We have been slacking on getting Tell introduced to the ways of the family though. We had Taylen a horseback by two weeks old. The weather has just been too windy for him to join us on our adventures. He did help plant the garden and build strawberry beds. So we are getting some dirt around the little guy.

Hope this finds you well!