Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Tuesday

Sorry, missed yesterday due to lack of babysitter. Don't come into internet when I don't have someone to corral small children! :) Sunday was a great day though! The number one childrens program in the area- 4-H! Had thier horse show and I helped at it.

We had about 50 kids showing off their hard summer's worth of work. From Showmanship to Reining it was all there! These kids impress me by how much they grow throughout the year. Whether it is in height, confidence, or ability- They are amazing.

We added a couple new classes last year, so I was on board to help with the cattle. We had a Ranch horse class- down the fence, pen them, and then rope! It was great! Kids were ages 10 to 17 and showed some real promise.

We also offered steer stopping and a working cow horse for the more feint of heart! What an awesome day. Makes me want to work with my horses so my daughter has a chance in about seven years :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I know I haven't been posting as often as I should but dang it has been a busy couple of weeks. We just had our local fair, we are getting ready for a horse show that was cancelled due to the Equine Herpes Virus, and I am roping in another fair next weekend.

My little fashionista just turned two. She, along with her brother, do make us slow down and smell the roses, touch the bugs, and follow the butterflies every now and then. Thank goodness or parts of life would just be passing us by.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rick Perry for President?

Sounds like Rick Perry, Texas' governor is throwing his hat in the ring for President. I guess if a community organizer can do it so can a dryland farmer.

Dryland farmer does have some concepts that may make a good president.

1. When there is no water that means there is no production- No work, no economy, no paycheck.
2. He may understand the need to keep American farmers farming. Instead of importing food, it may be more important to use what we are producing.
3. He understands that you must use the land in order to perserve it for the next generation. Whether it is farming or drilling, we must use our natural resources so it doesn't cause desertfication.
4. Government subsidies are no cure for a bad weather year.

I may be too hopeful but at least we might, I repeat might have someone in our corner.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What are you smoking?

I hope I didn't read correctly but I think I did. Willie Nelson is being inducting into the agriculture hall of fame. He is so anti-ag unless it is for medicinal purposes it isn't even funny. How could such a travesty happen?

Well, the ag hall of fame is operating on the verge of insolvency. Celebrities bring money if it hadn't already been taken by the IRS. There are some who actually believe Willie Nelson is an advocate for ag but... His track record would not show it.

Willie is a huge contributor through Farm Aid. A seeminly harmless group that supports family farms but on the inside this group is against farming. Slogans such as "Say no to genetically engineered crops." Stop factory farms. and SAY no to irradiated meats

They are siphoning off millions of dollars to lobby and place lawsuits against farmers of course through what appear to be very benign animal groups. Such as the Illionois Stewardship Alliance whose purpose is to establish and enforce regulations necessary to protect the health and well-being of rural communities from the negative impacts of livestock production. WTH?

Not cool!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A diva is born

I have decided I am raising a country diva. My soon to be two year old has decided the day is not going to continue unless she has on her PINK boots. She is very adament about the color and that it is boots.

We had a riata roping last weekend in our hometown. My husband and I both partcipated in this event to showcase quiet handling of cattle and horsemanship. My young daughter decided she wanted to ride in the arena, in front of everyone. Not in the nice quiet spot by the trailer. So, she helped me warm up my horse then helped her father warm up his. Who am I to argue with an almost two year old? I would hate to lose, AGAIN.

She would wave and yell at which ever parent didn't have her so everyone would look. However, she is quite camera shy and would turn bashful whenever a lens was in her face.

I think she learned something that weekend... Besides "Mama, me rope cows." I hope she learned that we are not a dying breed but simply altering our lifestyle to achieve the same goals we always had- to take care of animals. And if we have to showcase our abilities and compete, so be it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Pat Parrelli is a supporter of the Humane Society of the United States. He is one of their spokespeople. When broached with the deeds of HSUS, one of Pat's PR People says- You should talk to HSUS... They say cattle are the last thing on their radar. My first thought- That is good!

My next rambling of thoughts... I bet that is what the people who raise puppies thought too until their livelihood was attacked. But, they are still on the radar? What about roping horses? They have their fingers in many pies... I think they are just going to get to the other animals first and then start in after cattle after they have brainwashed most of the United States.

So what do you do? Write Pat? Tell him your thoughts and feelings about HSUS. Send him sites and cites.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Only 5 days until I will be showing off my skills in the Vaquero Fiesta- a fun, family-oriented event rooted in tradition. The Fiesta, at it has become known, tries to emulate the work of vaquero in its roping and cattle handling skills.

The event showcases fancy loops that have usefulness on the range. In addition to, encouraging quiet, calm handling of cattle. It promises to have wonderful, well-trained horses.

Myself, I am entered in the intermediate roping. An event which requires a person to rope two head of cattle using specified loops- sidearm and backwards swing. I am excited about my young partner who is adept at throwing many of these.