Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are you sure you should be doing that?

This is my day to complain~ But a little background first. I am within days of having my second child, like 3 days from the due date. I have been working/helping/involved in ranch work my entire life. I am over 21 and way, way, way over 100 lbs at the moment. So, I laugh when people ask me, are you sure you should be riding horses/branding calves/ giving shots/ feeding etc. It is dangerous. My husband would say not allowing me to do these things is more dangerous. :) The life I chose to live is one that is full of danger but isn't any more so than many of my more urban counterparts. It does involve large unpredictable animals but it doesn't involve a large unpredictable human population. There are drugs but with few exceptions, the needles are more dangerous than the actual medicine. Feeding is no more stress if done correctly than sitting at a desk all day long, it might be less if you balance the benefits of strength training in there. The air has some particulate matter but most of it is organic not smog based. So, the dangers are relative if you ask me.


  1. Att'a girl! You tell 'em!

    Now get out there and get to work! ;-)

  2. I have been trying to. Ugh. I am getting slower and have reduced mental and physical capacities though... You know simple things like bending over to take off my spurs have become a comedy show.