Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mother Nature is teasing us. Not as bad as the federal government but still. We go from gorgeous 60 degrees and sunshine to six inches of snow. You have to love spring at higher elevations. We have several calves on the ground. The Canadian geese and cranes are pairing up for mating. I am amazed at where these creatures make their nests. The cranes are amongst the cows. The geese are on the periphery of last year's late grazed pastures, utilizing the aftermath and the green feed that is sprouting. The snow geese on the other hand, are causing destruction. The flock by the thousands onto hayfields, making it look like the snow hasn't even melted yet. They feed on the green feed too but the shear numbers are causing fields to need replanting. A late winter hunting season wouldn't hurt, even if it was for a few days just to get them moving around and not camping in one place too long. The co-existence of the livestock and wildlife is especially heartwarming though.

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