Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ag in the Classroom

Headed for Ag in the Classroom this morning. We are expecting over 300 little darlings from around the area. There will be information on all types of agriculture from Beef by-products to goats.

It is exciting to have a new presenter this year. A retired BLM employee is going to do a short demonstration on feral horses and the need for gathers. Hopefully, this will start a new line of thinking in our younger generation. From what I understand, it is a modified game of tag. Some kids are horses, some are food and water. Horses must go and secure food and water, those who cannot are either "gathered" or "die".

Wish me patience. This is alot of Kindergarteners through third graders but well worth the time.


  1. Glad your back, hope it went well. sounds like a great endeavor!

  2. JB- It is usually a good time. Just controlled chaos.