Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am unofficially back from my hiatus. Sorry all. Had to take some maternity time, which I was planning on typing on my blog from my Blackberry but that didn't happen because I lost my user name and password in the process of taking work home with me.

We have added another little agriculturalist hopeful to the population. Tell joined us four weeks ago, today. Which was also about 16 days past his due date. To be completely honest, I am kinda hoping Tell doesn't want to cowboy... I am tired of giving up my horses. :) I am thinking a mechanic or a rock star would be ok. He could be the celebrity voice for ranchers everywhere- move over Sam and Matt, there is a new kid in town.

We have been slacking on getting Tell introduced to the ways of the family though. We had Taylen a horseback by two weeks old. The weather has just been too windy for him to join us on our adventures. He did help plant the garden and build strawberry beds. So we are getting some dirt around the little guy.

Hope this finds you well!

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