Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A social media "friend" of mine just posted the most awesome quote~ Never give up on something you dream about everyday.

For me, it is owning livestock.  I dream about taking care of my own calves and foals as a full time job.  I will keep trying.  I currently work two full time jobs now~ one in extension and one as a mother.  One is for money, the other is for hugs, dirty faces, and smiles.

Some people do not understand the need to smell like horse sweat, cattle manure, and sagebrush. Others, only have the disney side of such a life.  I partial get both.  Taking care of animals is more addicting than heroin for me.  I would guess it is a far greater high.  Nothing besides my kids or husband give me the inner peace and satisfaction of seeing baby calves bucking across a field, even if they are not mine.

I am experiencing a whole new sensation though.  As my two year old is starting to become more involved.  She fed her first baby calf this weekend.  Then, we couldn't get her away from the leppy pen.  She has started helping us on short gathers.  She rides in front of me in the saddle, jabbering like a little magpie.  Such an inquisitive, precosious little ball of fire.  The pride wells up as she tells the cows- look for the gate, go find your calves, your baby is hollering ~ where is my mama.

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  1. Great post! I used to never do anything & never want to do anything except work cows & ride horses. Funny how life carries on one thing you know is you wanna get back to that place! God bless & thanks for reading!

    - Heather