Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally Some Time

Finally found some time.  Life has been catching up to me.  For several weeks my small son T.M. was extremely sick.  We spent several days in a pediatric unit and have been going back and forth to the local hospital for tests.

Then, spring work started.  So, it was bust your but to get as much done in a four day work week, at the town job, then off to work the fun job.

The fun job includes- pairing out cows and calves to a different field, doctoring sick animals, and tagging calves. 

Also, it is branding season. I have mentioned how much I adore branding season.  Good friends, good times, roping, and socializing after a long winter of being holed up.

We also teach leathercraft for the local 4-H group.  This weekend is their big show.  Wish the kids luck.

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