Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horse Gather

The Surprise BLM Field Office finally has a solid plan for a horse gather. I am impressed they are using all the tools in the box and outside of the box too. The Enivornmental Assessment is out and can be viewed at www.ca.blm.gov/345c

The plan is to gather 1100 plus horses from BLM and private properties in conjunction with gathering the neighboring field office to capture horses that are travelling between the two areas. Horses will be gathered to the low Herd Management Level. Mares that are gathered and released will be treated with fertility drugs. Additionally, they are using sex ratios to decrease herd growth.

This is finally a plan I can support. They are leaving some horses out there but not near the 500% increase over what they should be. Treating them so we are not in the same boat in a couple of years. In addition, the plan is to gather from outside the Herd Management Area on BLM property and private ground so they get ALL the horses!

Comments can be sent to: cahighrockcomplex@blm.gov

I wish you could go to the page and just hit the like button because it is a decent plan.

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