Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puppy Mill

I think according to one definition we have officially become a puppy mill. All over ours are males though. Not sure how we are going to get puppies without some outside influence. We bred our male Lefty (in the picture guarding the baby) to a neighbors dog. So, we took two male pups out of the litter. Yes, we could have gone to the humane society and helped some poor unfortunate dog but I don't think they would have the breeding to do the job we want. These are companion dogs but that is secondary to their job as cow harassers. Yes, our dogs must work for their supper, and breakfast for that matter.

These dogs save miles and lives. I am not being melodramatic about saving lives either. My husband was walking through a herd of cattle a footback. When, a horned bull took offense to his presence. If, it hadn't been for our two dogs taking on the bull he would have suffered more than heart palpitations. So, a dog without the heart, skill or breeding to move cows is not worth it.

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