Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A diva is born

I have decided I am raising a country diva. My soon to be two year old has decided the day is not going to continue unless she has on her PINK boots. She is very adament about the color and that it is boots.

We had a riata roping last weekend in our hometown. My husband and I both partcipated in this event to showcase quiet handling of cattle and horsemanship. My young daughter decided she wanted to ride in the arena, in front of everyone. Not in the nice quiet spot by the trailer. So, she helped me warm up my horse then helped her father warm up his. Who am I to argue with an almost two year old? I would hate to lose, AGAIN.

She would wave and yell at which ever parent didn't have her so everyone would look. However, she is quite camera shy and would turn bashful whenever a lens was in her face.

I think she learned something that weekend... Besides "Mama, me rope cows." I hope she learned that we are not a dying breed but simply altering our lifestyle to achieve the same goals we always had- to take care of animals. And if we have to showcase our abilities and compete, so be it.

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  1. Dang. This post is worthless without pictures! ;-)