Monday, August 22, 2011

Rick Perry for President?

Sounds like Rick Perry, Texas' governor is throwing his hat in the ring for President. I guess if a community organizer can do it so can a dryland farmer.

Dryland farmer does have some concepts that may make a good president.

1. When there is no water that means there is no production- No work, no economy, no paycheck.
2. He may understand the need to keep American farmers farming. Instead of importing food, it may be more important to use what we are producing.
3. He understands that you must use the land in order to perserve it for the next generation. Whether it is farming or drilling, we must use our natural resources so it doesn't cause desertfication.
4. Government subsidies are no cure for a bad weather year.

I may be too hopeful but at least we might, I repeat might have someone in our corner.

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