Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corner Post- conundrums

I enjoy writing this blog.  There are times I put out information on laws, rules, regulations etc.  There are times I just want to type about what is going on in my life.  I don't know what people want to read about.  I think my life is exciting.  I mean, with two kids how could it not be?

I laugh because sometimes it is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy.  We now have 8 barn cats, a year ago we had one (Blackjack)!  The neighbor thought she should share one of our offspring (Two) with us.  Then, the nice ladies at one of the county offices found a stray (Boots), "That we just don't know what to do with!"  Then, my husband's boss shows up with five more (Meow, Yowl, Pus, Chavez, and Homer)!  You can guess which ones the two year old named.

The funny part was, I was happy with just Blackjack.  He was a special tomcat.  Not like any other I had been around.  Blackjack didn't tomcat.  The ladies came to him.  We would find him with a female out in the barn, showing her the best "mousing" and how to get the free handout.

The good news about the cats is Tay's chores have gone up exponentially.  She must now feed all the cats and get them water.  Well, at least they will be chores until the Department of Labor makes that illegal too.

Hope you are having a great day.  I am going to get a bag of cat food, some hay twine, and laugh.

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  1. Doesn't matter what you write about, I enjoy it. Nice perspective and some real good info. Keep it up. If you can. But! I do hate word verification!