Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bad Blogger

So, I am a bad blogger. I am inconsistent.  I don't have regular access to a computer.  AND Gasp....  I write about my kids.  So here is part of what has been keeping me away from all of my loyal readers (well at least you Robert)!

I have been crazy busy at work.  I have been trying to establish my "speciality" of sorts which is seemingly easy until you get down to it.  No money, no time, too many ambitions.  I have fell into this jack of all trades master of none type of pattern.  Which doesn't bode well for promotions.  I am trying to sort all that out.

I did go to Spokane for the Society of Range Management Meetings.  Talk about old home week.  I ran into people I haven't seen since I left the great state of Montana.  It was awesome.  I also saw some of my favorite scientists, producers, and agency people. 

In the midst of all my "socializing" called work, I presented a poster on the effects of grazing on waterfowl habitat.  It was interesting the different people who came and talked to me about my project.  From those who knew some information about the type of methods I am using to those who are totally clueless.

I have also been hurrying home to get ready for this weekend.  I am roping in a "fancy loop" contest with a great young man!  With it being winter (kinda) here, it has been a challenge to actually practice and get my horse in shape.  We will be rusty but will do well!  I just know it!

So, have a good weekend.  I will try and take pictures of this (Bad) blogger in ACTION.


  1. While I wished you posted more often, I understand. You got a lot on your plate! I'll just keep checking in once or twice a week. It's keeps, it doesn't spoil, what you write here!

  2. Replies
    1. Okay, you are now officially a bad blogger. And you ain't even told us how the roping went!

      What, you got two kids and a life or what? ;-)

    2. Bad blogger, baaaaaadddddd blogger. You and Loubob!

    3. Sorry, didn't realize you had so much on your plate. I will go stand in the corner now. And pray.