Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have to admit- I am a virtual farmer. There is just something mind numbing about clicking your mouse repeatedly "harvesting crops, plowing, and seeding". Though, I was struck by a thought the other day. If you don't harvest your crops on time, they wither. However, if you don't collect milk, none of your cows dry up, there is no going to the vet and getting treatment for mastitis. A wandering stallion is a good thing!? The chickens don't lay eggs in places you can't find them and then hatch out to cause you to have more chickens. You don't butcher the laying hens once they quit laying. Every egg is a hen. Wow! How much further from reality do we get? Is this game actually furthering our disconnect from food?

Think about farming or ranching where nothing dies. You wouldn't get paid for a calf crop. No pullets to butcher. You only collect wool from sheep and milk from the goats. AND, the hogs hunt for truffles? There would be no meat. Is this a vegetarian utopia at its worst? Especially considering literally, millions of people virtual farm.

But on the flip side of facebook, there is a mafia wars game where you can steal, murder, and extort. You can kill people but not animals. Makes you think.


  1. It isn't a very accurate portrayal is it? Have you seen this video that the Agriculture Animal Alliance did about Farmville.

  2. I haven't seen the video I will go check it out.

  3. I don't play that stuff at all. With my luck, there would be a virus in there and it would crash my computer.