Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Undercover Video of a Dairy Farm in Ohio

I am disturbed by the undercover video that was debuted by Mercy for Animals. It was a disgusting, heart wrenching display of stupidity at its worst. This is not how animals are supposed to be treated. This is not how 99% of dairies treat their animals but this is the video that is going to watched and used to decide on regulations on all forms of the food producing industry.

The abuse is bad enough but the undercover video technician allowed this abuse to go for days without stepping in and doing anything! How could someone who works for a group called Mercy for animals not stop this senseless torture? I think this person should be charged along with the workers and owner of the dairy. They stood by as a silent observer. Does this condone the actions to some point? They sat their and filmed for their own gain and watched the cattle suffer at the hands of these monsters.


  1. "How could someone who works for a group called Mercy for animals not stop this senseless torture?"

    I am sure you already know this but it's because they aren't really about the welfare of animals but are more about their own agenda. I have not seen the film and will not do so.

  2. Yes, they are just as bad as those who did any abuse!

  3. Holly, the film is horrible. I have worked with animals all my life and have gotten very irritated and mad at them but have never, ever treated one like the workers in this film did.

  4. I believe it. I have never understood how people think it is in their best interests to try and beat an animal to get what they want (milk, meat production, reproduction).

    As I have gotten older, I've also found my tolerance for seeing this stuff is way lower than what it used to be. The vid made Fugly and is apparently all over the internet and news media. One of the horse boards I'm on has a thread about it right now.....and even some of the more cynical on there could only watch a minute or two of it. They all said it was horrific.