Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Weekend

I had a long, rewarding, and stressful weekend. We went to the in-laws and worked cattle. We practiced low-stress livestock handling, beef quality assurance, and animal welfare, all in a sustainable manner. The same way they have been doing it for 50 years before we had buzz words. Why haven't they been changing they're ways? Because it works! And in order for the small environmentally friendly place to be passed down to the next generation like it has for two generations we must continue. Over 95% of all farms and ranches are family owned, just like ours. Not factory farms with uncaring faces taking care of livestock. They are taking care of their livliehood and legacy. Not something to take lightly.

So, I guess it would be families feeding families. I don't want my daughter to eat her beef from Brazil. I would prefer it comes from the USA.

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