Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Myths about the World

I think of myself as pretty well educated- Heck, I have a PhD. And that is not a post hole digger, even though I have one of those too. But when I read an interesting article about today's environmental myths I was shocked and dumbfounded that I may have been duped into believing the world was ending. We have a huge hole in the ozone layer, that matches the size of California's budget deficiet- Now that is BIG.

Dr. John Christy- state climatologist for Alabama suggests a different theory. "The great secret environmental activists do not want Americans to know is that because of increased carbon in the Earth's atmosphere, global food production has increased by 16%. Carbon is plant food, (DUH) and plants thrive even in drought conditions with more available carbon." Hmmmm.... SO going green may hurt the plant life we are trying to save by not cutting down and letting the bugs eat it? Interesting.

Another issue that I find interesting. According to many, natural diasters have been increasing due to global warming or global conspiracy. Science shows they are at a 30-year low?! Something is not jiving here. Maybe it is because of this silly internet and the instantaneous world we live in we are just more aware of the natural diasters.

My favorite of a long lists of myths is the decline of the polar bear due to habitat reduction from the ice caps melting. Christy states "In 2007, the Antartic hit the record maximum sea level and had more ice than ever. AND Polar bear numbers are at an all time high ~24,200." Records from 1960 indicate levels for polar bears were around 6-10,000.

So, the global conspiracy may live on but I don't think I am going to buy it any longer.

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