Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Independence Day America

Wow! What a wonderful weekend. Global warming was definitely not in effect as we didn't reach 80 on Saturday. We had fun going to the park and selling beef sandwiches. We also explained the benefits of beef and what all was used in a cow. Look at vegans you aren't as pure as you think you are.

Almost all of a bovine carcass is utilized in one way or another. From fertilizer to filet mignon, it all has its place. Which reduces the amount of waste products to almost nil. THere is defintely some parts that are not eaten though thanks to BSE or Mad Cow Disease. Slaughter plants are required to remove the brain, spinal column, tonsils, and small intestine from the edible meats. This helps to reduce worries about variant Crutzefedlt Jakobs Disease or vCJD. I only say worries because there has been no evidence to suggest that vCJD is transmitted to humans just theories that it might possibly be one route of transmission.

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