Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prop 2 Strikes Again, and Again, and...

First I must apologize. I have been awful about keeping up with my postings. It has been a very busy summer filled with meetings, remodeling, and visiting family.

Now, back on track. Another story by the Sacramento Bee points out the devastating effects of Prop 2 in California and how it is snowballing out of control. Proposition 2 in California was the Humane Society of the United State's baby. The spent millions on advertising to show how "unhumane" the current egg-laying systems, farrowing facilities, and veal calf housing is. The played on the heartstrings of the largely urban populations and recieved the vote to pass a vague bill on animal rights. The bill stated that animals must be able to fully extend limbs, turn around, and lay down without touching the sides of their cages.

Here's the rub. The legislation did not specify anything else. So, now that chicken farmers have spent millions to upgrade facilities with enriched cages.... The American Humane Society and Temple Grandin (a professor at Colorado State University specializing in animal welfare) have applauded the efforts of these farmers to increase the welfare of the animals. BUT The H$U$ is coming in with their inspectors and saying not good enough. They want cage free laying systems. They have also pushed through wording to ensure all eggs coming into California from other states are raised by the same standards. I didn't know California could dictate interstate commerce.

I still do not understand why people couldn't vote at the grocery store. Even after all of the advertisements to get this bill passed on how "awful" the current production practices are- there has been no increase in the purchasing of organic, cage free, or range raised eggs. Emotions versus Science and Heartstrings vs Pocketbook strike again.

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