Thursday, July 29, 2010

El Paso Corp gives to Environmental Groups

El Paso Corporation a large company that is putting in a natural gas pipeline from Wyoming to Malin, OR has given into environmental groups- Western Watersheds Project (WWP)and Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA). Given in may not be the correct words more like bought off. These two environmental terrorists were given a combined $20 million to revoke their protest letters so the pipeline may proceed through Idaho and Oregon's Public Lands. The money is to be put into a trust.

Great just what they need more money to fuel their anti-grazing, anti-multiple use on public lands initiatives. Maybe they should also give the ranchers' some money to fight the litigation that will come forth. Oh wait, the ranchers' didn't protest the pipeline because they saw the good it would do for the rest of the United States. Jon Marvel leader of WWP has already stated this money will be used to "buy out" federal land permits from willing ranchers. Most ranchers wouldn't sell their permit except for the fact that WWP has made it very troublesome to run cattle and sheep on public lands. They put in complaint letters for almost all renewals, NEPAs, etc. The funny part is they protect "wild", no FERAL horses, the most detrimental animal out there.

ONDA is putting their cool $5 million towards a conservation trust for Hart and Sheldon refuges. The two wildlife refuges that have seen tremendous ecological degradation since the removal of cattle and the influx of FERAL horses. The reduction in the number of antelope has been exponential on the two, mitigating the reason they removed cattle in the first place.

Thanks for supporting our domestic terrorists El Paso Corp. It was kind of you to slap the face of the people who produce food for America.

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  1. This is really heartbreaking for western ranchers who survive due to their federal grazing permits. These ranchers protect the land and open spaces while providing food for an ever-growing world population and groups like Western Watersheds make it harder and harder to continue ranching's vital work. We have public lands ranchers contribute to our blog at and I encourage you to hear the real stories from the folks on the ground!