Monday, August 16, 2010

Mundane Monday

I have to be honest... I got nothing today. Really, my brain is shot. Our weekend was filled with building fence and having family. I did get to think though as we were sitting there discussing life how odd some of our conversations must sound...

Did we have any babies?
Another set of twins?
Well we are definitely going to have to find a surrogate for the weak one.

Could you imagine someone who didn't have a clue what you were talking about hearing that?

One of my favorites was a friend and I were doing a research project in college. Somehow we ended up with the 2 AM fecal collection... Hmmm... 2AM on a Thursday morning, Wednesday was usally a good night to visit with friends and enjoy the drink specials. BUT...

So we started out being our normal, quiet selves. Discussing what normal college students, who are single, and drinking do. Then, I asked my friend- How do you take a fecal collection from a lamb? She proceeded to get another drink and explain how to correctly perform the 2-fingered tickle.

All in the name of science!

Another good one... I have a nephew who is three now. He loves bucking horses. He was with my mother at the mall and started bucking like he was a horse. He then threw himself on the floor and exclaimed that his horse had fallen down. He told my mother to get the horse up. She tried to help him by the arm. No, NANA, you hurt him. She tried by the head. No, NANA. Kick him in the butt. So here is my mother, acting like she is kicking my nephew in the middle of a mall. She was lucky the area is still slightly rural even if there is a mall. But she had gathered a crowd.

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