Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I love Ag people!

Within hours of bridlehorseman Bruce Sandifer being hurt during the Stock Horse competition at the Alturas Vaquero Fiesta there was already auctions being organized, crisis funds and donations being sent in and people readily taking care of his stock and finding a ride home for it. It is an amazing group of people that will readily donate any extra money, gear, etc for someone else without a second thought. Many people only know Bruce through the internet but are trying desparately to help a man who makes his living a horseback. That is good people.

The same people who are being chastised for not being humane or caring. THe same people who are continually defending a way of life that feeds this nation. Shame on those at the Humane Society of the United States. Bruce was laying there in pain with a split pelvis and the first words out of his mouth after the initial OOOOUUUUCCCHHH!!! Were someone take care of my horse, make sure he is unsaddled, fed, and watered. He didn't want to go to the hospital because he was worried he couldn't take care of his animal. Now that is a person who truly cares about Animal Care, Welfare, and Rights.


  1. oh no! what happened? Most men and women who make their livings with livestock DO care deeply about their animals. This is their livelihood. It doesn't pay them to be harsh or uncaring. And any true horseman is going to worry about his mount.

  2. Reminds me of the time my dad got hurt. His horse hit a hole and flipped on him. He walked the horse home. Told my mother to check the horse out first to make sure it was okay. Then went to the hospital. He broke his collar bond and several ribs. But his horse was his first priority!

  3. Bruce was in the stockhorse competition. They must take the cow down the fence and get a turn both ways. He was riding a new (slick) saddle with long stirrups and split his pelvis (up to 3 inches). It required an ambulance ride and then a flight out of the small town to Reno, NV for surgery- plate and screws so it would mend correctly.

  4. *shudder*

    that just sounds so painful. Pass on good wishes from me if you hear from him.