Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Vaquero Fiesta

This past weekend was a return to tradition. IT was the 2010 Vaquero Fiesta- a slow paced showcasing of skill, ability, horsemanship, and traditional technique. The best part about this event was nothing was based on time. It was all on a points system. So there was no ram and jam- Just good herdsmanship. Oh and many of the ropes used were from sustainable, resouces... AKA rawhide. That is right, most ropers used reatas. A traditional tool of the vaquero for canabilistic roping.

The weekend emphasized, low stress livestock handling and points were deducted for rough handling of stock and even loping of horses.

FOr more information visit: vaquerofiesta.com.


  1. I have been fascinated by this style of riding since I saw it on youtube ....oh.....maybe 5 years ago. The precision appeals to me as does the interest in quiet, steady horses without wringing tails!

  2. Wringing tails and gaping mouths are definite lost points. Sometimes you have to go slow to be fast.

  3. there is a vid up on my blog right now of the first branding a hackamore horse attended only 9 months under saddle. THIS is the way to train a horse. She's quick, quiet and trusting of her rider....who earned every bit of that trust as he is obviously a good, quiet rider who handles his horses right. It also shows how a quiet horse can get into a group of cattle and rope out a calf, which is good livestock handling.