Tuesday, August 24, 2010


“These people are rednecks,” Bryan Monell, an animal rights activist who specializes in undercover efforts, told a group of fellow activists in describing folks who work with animals. “We are superior,” he added.

I get hammered time and time again because when colleagues ask me what I think is the single largest threat is to the beef industry I say "perception". I don't think it is disease, genetics, or anything else. It is how consumers percieve what we are doing.

Take the current antibiotic debate- Science proves there is little to no connection between antibiotics used currently in the livestock industry and the antibiotic resistant bugs that are out there now. However, because of the percieved threat, the USDA is looking at limiting the use of sub-therapuetic antibiotics.

The same is true with dietary concerns of eating red meat. We go back and forth every decade about what is good and what isn't. Currently there are 29 cuts of beef that have less fat than a skinless chicken thigh. BUT... you look in any health magazine and chicken is the diet food of choice.

Change someone's perception today. :)

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