Thursday, July 28, 2011


There I times I run out of things to type. Not that I don't do things, it is just what do you put down on the World Wide Web for everyone to see?

Do I talk about the guy who wants to know if I can give technical support for his marajuana operation? That was interesting. He thinks it could be the new cash crop for this area. :(

Do I talk about the agency people who are so wrapped up in regulations and paperwork that they can not manage the lands and are degrading our natural resources because of it. Not to mention what the reduction of public lands grazing has done for the local economy and small rural communities.

Do I write about the conspiracy theories associated with Agenda 21 and Executive Order 13575 (Establishment of the White House Rural Council). Scary!

I think I will tell you a story that warmed my heart. We have a little horse show here with Working Cow Horse classes, cutting, and ranch rodeo type competitions. My daughter who will be two next month, gets out of the car, gets a huge grin on her face, and says "Papa me rope cows!" Now that warms my heart for a future!

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  1. Write whatever you want, I will read it! Always enjoy your viewpoint.