Thursday, July 14, 2011


Enough with the touchy feely stuff! I wanted to talk about respect. I try really hard to respect people, animals and the environment. I think this is what some people get confused with compassion.

I listened to Trent Loos' Rural Route today as he was talking with two vegans. They complained that Trent did not have compassion for the animals he raised. True, maybe not but you do respect them. You respect the hotheaded mother who just gave birth. You respect the ability of an 1100 lb horse to stick your head in the dirt 7 miles from home. You respect the number of miles your dog saves you when working in not too spectacular conditions.

I also respect the choice of the vegans- good on you. But I don't declare my way is better than yours. I don't critize your meal choices or the way you live. So why do they constantly believe they do it better and have more respect or compassion than someone living with them day in day out?

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  1. Because they feel superior to us and want to help us poor idiots. Too bad. I KNOW I am superior to them. At least in my beef eating habits!