Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Range Ride

Spent two days on the forest with the range ride. I learned ALOT!

1. I am not tolerant of adults who think riding should be a natural ability along the lines of breathing.
2. Some people were not raised with the same etiquette and rules I was.
3. ___ologists are all trained to talk in circles and never give a definitive answer.
4. Just because a place has garden in its name doesn't mean it is lush and green all over.

More than anything I just hope something became of it. About 2/3 of the acreage in the county is under federal ownership. Most of which is juniper infested range land good for producing protien but not much else.

We discussed the issues of NEPA or the National Environmental Protection Act and how it hamstrings many projects. This is especially true when you have certain personalities in specialist positions within federal agencies. Archeology is a problem with many areas of the forest. It isn't that the land users do not want to protect the major sites- burial grounds, major camps, or those of historic interest. It is the interpetation of lithic scatter that is causing slow downs. Lithic scatter is trash to most. It is what is left after the chipped out the arrow heads, spear heads etc.

So, protecting trash rocks has taken precedent over protect a food source and the largest segment of the economy. Sad.

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