Thursday, December 1, 2011


Wolves seem to be an ever-growing topic in the western United States.  Since their reintroduction in to Yellowstone Park in 1997, the populations have boomed.  The problem with wolves?  Well, there are several:
1)  They have no natural predators thus humans must manage them.
2)  They tend to not stay in their specified area because they have no natural predators and so the populations boom, and they start to move.
3) They feed on livestock and PETS because they start to move because they have no natural predators and the populations boom.
4)  In addition to feeding on livestock they also feed on the big game populations in the area- elk, deer, etc. but because they have no natural predators and the population has boomed, they are starting to decimate the big game populations, moving out of their intended area and feeding on livestock and PETS.

You can see how this builds into a HUGE problem which all starts with the issue that they have no natural predators and must be managed by humans.  The problem, said humans are usually managed by emotions instead of fact.  These emotions have been tainted by not being close to their food source and Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks.

It is a vicious circle.  Most people do not want wolves extirpated like they were in the 1900s they prefer that they were managed like any game or predator species.