Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday

I don't usually post on fridays because I don't usually have internet access on Fridays.  But today I decided to come into the office and work.  I also had a cattlewomen's meeting. 

The Cattlewomen started out as a social organization and an auxillary arm to the Cattlemen but have blossomed into their own agenda.  It is a wonderful organization whose main objective is to educate the public about beef- from raising beef to eating beef. 

It is interesting.  My husband supports my meeting habits but doesn't necessarily want to be a part of any of the organizations.  He says he isn't sure they help the industry.  I think they do and I think it takes active members not just memberships to get any results.  I think memberships in these types of organizations at both local, state, and national levels are helpful to promoting our product.


  1. My Mother was state Cowbelle ( same organization as yours, different name) President the year they got the Beef Checkoff passed. We all thought it would be great and she and many others worked very hard to get it established. So many times since, I have wished she had not belonged and they had not gotten it in, or at least would have set it up better. So yeah, they probably do good things, but what's that old saying, No good deed goes unpunished?

  2. I spent more than a few years in a local Cattlewomen's unit, some as president. I went into it thinking there could be real out reach to the general public. Wasn't happening, and still is a very insular group. Somewhere the mission got lost...maybe that's human nature. Now I do my own promo one steak at a time.

  3. JB- The beef checkoff still has potential to be a good thing. Unfortunately, the lack of oversight has led to a gross mishandling of funds. I think many states are doing great things with the checkoff dollars. I am especially impressed with the Oregon Beef Council and their support of research that helps producers not just marketing ploys but on the ground good solid production practices.

  4. Brighid~
    It is tough. I know my Collegiate group did more outreach than my hometown group did and definitely wasn't near as cliquey. It is unfortunate that so many of these groups do get insular and tend to be soo into themselves and not the overall mission.

    Good for you on promoting though. It is a difficult undertaking but I think it is important to be an advocate anyway you can.