Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year

Tired of all the its a new year posts... Well guess what it is and it is official- I screwed up the date on my first (and probably not my last) check today.  Ugh!  Not really sure what all the hype is about.  :)  Or maybe I am just grumpy because I didn't get done what I wanted to in 2011 so I will have to roll over the to-do list to 2012. 

I did have a wonderful time off... As you could probably guess by the silence on here.  Hey, a girl has to do some holiday things.  Anyways, I loved it.  We have a parade in our small town.  It is awesome.  We were talking about the parade and my lil Tay pipes up "Mama, I ride my pink horse at the party!"  There was no question about it.  She didn't ask- it was just assumed she was going to ride her horse in the parade.  Unfortunately for her, it didn't work out.  The hubby had to drive the fire truck, Tay was sick, and I couldn't juggle it all- her, the horse, and lil T.  So, we improvised.  I hope someone that was there got a picture because I am about the worst mother ever when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Anyways... We got out the wagon and I pulled them in the parade.  They had fun until the guy whose was part of the Beauty and the Beast duo came over.  Then, it was get me out of here- I no like it.

Hope you had some special memories.

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