Friday, June 11, 2010

Junior Livestock Show

I can't believe it is that time already. We will be having our Junior Livestock Show next week, hence the reason I have been horrible about blogging. This is a great opportunity to see the next generation at work. It is also a great opportunity to explain life cycles, raising of meat, and just how much love and work going into getting an animal to the freezer.

Our livestock show is different than most. It is ran entirely by a board of kids ages 12-19 with an advisor. It is a great leadership opportunity. Along with the other things I have mentioned, we have two civil service programs going on. Donate back for packs- where kid can donate money to purchase school supplies for needy or underpriveleged kids and Meat for Seniors. This allows purchasers of animals to donate the meat to the local senior center.

I am starting to get a better outlook on the future looking at how giving this generation is.

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  1. that is totally cool that it is run by young, up and coming men and women. Very very cool. My kids are part of the 20's now, but I have to say I am mostly impressed by them, their friends and their acquaintances. There are some (as in any age group) that are something less than what I'd like to see....but that just makes those that shine, shine brighter doncha think?