Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Junior Livestock Show

Well it has been a long couple of weeks and I haven't written anything in awhile. We are currently being bombarded by the state government wanting to know the impact of our programs and why they should be funded. I don't know maybe because we help produce food for the nation. Maybe because we are continually fighting for common sense in regulations. Maybe because we are working at making agriculture an evironmentally sound, sustainable industry. Enough complaining.

Last week was our Junior Livestock show. We had 4-H and FFA members from the county and surrounding counties showing off their animals. One young man was outstanding! He raised the champion market rabbit along with the champion market beef. He also took home a couple buckles in horsemanship and the round robin. It makes me happy to see that the future may be brighter than once anticipated. We still have young men and women who are interested in agriculture and raising meat animals.

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