Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wolves and Celebrities

Kristen Stewart stopped by the "Late Show with David Letterman" to plug "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Monday night.

Letterman then shared some photos of Stewart's "wolf-dog hybrid" pet, Jack, whom Stewart gushed over.

"He's really sweet," she said.

The two made an awkward segue into hunting wolves, a practice of which Stewart passionately disapproved. She made particular allusion to shooting wolves from helicopters, possibly making a jab at Sarah Palin. (The media associated Palin with such aerial shootings during the 2008 campaign.)

Letterman replied, "We don't want them killing buffalo or elk. We can manage everything. Ranchers take it seriously when [wolves] are chewing their cattle. That's money out of their pocket."

Stewart brought the exchange to a good-natured close. "They can all come live in my backyard," she said of the wolves.

I pulled this off of a media gossip site. I don't have TV so no Letterman watching for me. Besides who has enough energy to stay up that late. I guess the ranchers from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and NOW Oregon know where to send these little green pets to. How misinformed celebrities are about the destruction and havoc wolves play on ranching incomes. Not just with the animals they kill but with the pounds of saleable product lost because cattle run through fences, are nervous, and are constantly on the watch instead of eating grass like they should.


  1. Get numerous video's of wolves killing and eating other animals and flood the air waves with them.

  2. "He's really sweet" ????? Sorry, wolves are not sweet. I like the idea of videos of real wolves to let people see what real life is like as opposed to Disney/Obummer life!

  3. Thanks for this post 'er corner post. Har.
    I read of some innovatve sheep ranchers in Montana that obtain days old Yaks. These are raised up with the lambs as one of their own. When big, they think they are sheep,the sheep think they are sheep, but unlike sheep are not afraid of wolves. Before the Yaks it was a losing battle. The result after the importation of these beasts is zero sheep killed by the predators. Gotta love men and women of the soil!
    They find a way.