Friday, June 25, 2010


Just what I need some more school work but I couldn't help but take the challenge when the e-mail came acrossed my computer to obtain a Master's in Beef Advocacy. It is a relatively simple 6 unit online course in Modern Beef Production, Environmental Stewardship, Animal Care, Nutrition, Beef Checkoff,and Beef Safety. Some of the information is not new but definitely worth a refresher course.

I learned today that beef production is the largest single segment of American Agriculture- 35% of the Total. With only 800,000 farms/ranches producing beef cattle in the U.S. I also learned the average operation has only 40 head. Wow! The numbers have changed from when I took Introduction to Animal Science about... 10 years ago. When the average operation was 75 head.

Farmers and Ranchers are not producing less beef though. They are actually increase beef production through genetics, greater carcass utilization, and decreasing the amount of fat in a carcass.


  1. I am not surprised at all. Do you realize how extensive the science behind the dairy/beef industry has affected other industries too? Think about AI...I believe that first was used in cattle, then extended to horses and now to dogs. Reproduction has deeply impacted the quality of horses available now.

    How about grass/hay development? Think about how that has impacted how lawns are grown, what types of hay are used and how that affected the equine industry. For some interesting reading, go to developments were rendered from dairy cattle....who knew a cow could founder?????

  2. "Tho' we be little, we be mighty..."