Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Regulation!?

Boy if California doesn't have enough problems they are inviting more. The Department of Water Resources just hired 25 new employees to enforce regulations on state water users (i.e. irrigation from creeks, springs, rivers etc). They are requiring everyone to report the amount of water diverted from state waters. A California Farm Burearu representative suggested it is for three reasons- fees, fines, and flows.

Flows, huh? Yep, if farmers do not use their allocated water rights, the state is going to come in and try and take the "excess" water to divert down to the city. So we can't have crops but can have green lawns, smelt, and drinking water in overpopulated areas. They are enforcing these regulations statewide, even in areas where there are closed basins- those that do not flow to the ocean or further down to Sacramento, LA, San Diego etc. There is even some discussion about looking at efficiencies among water users and fineing those who do not have efficient water systems- open ditches that are not lined. Go Ahead California keep pushing people out of the state and then complain about being bankrupt and having no taxes.

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