Thursday, December 16, 2010


I see many on facebook posting their Ag-WOW moment. I feel a bit left out. I have never had one of those- Oh My moments or ah ha moments when I truly understood the meaning of agriculture. It has always been a part of my life and the way I lived.

I did have an experience that I am going to call an my AG-WOW for advocacy. I was on a field tour, discussing a grazing system when one of those domestic terrorists from WWP told me how horrible cows were on public lands and that they had no place there. I then listened to a federal agency botantist talk about how historically buffalo were on this range!? WOW! I couldn't believe how misinformed people were about history, ecology, and economics of agriculture. I was truley amazed by the rhetoric and ignorance being spewed from the mouths of college educated scientists, for lack of a better word.

Think about it. These people are considered experts in the field but... We know who the true experts are. Tell others.

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  1. I would say have an Ag-Wow agvocacy moment is just as important. You might like this video as well. It goes along well with your Ag-Wow moment -

    Feel free to use any of these Legacy of Cattle in Colorado videos on your blog. There is also a series called Land of Contrasts that talks about a lot of the things going on in Oregon.