Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Domestic Terrorists

I am starting to think most groups with environmental in their name or mission statement are terrorists or should be treated as such. They threaten the nation's food supply through emotional pleas and misinformed media.

I just finished looking over a stay filed by Western Watersheds Project. The stay is against the record of decision on an allotment-public land. This specific record of decision was based in science for the most part, the RANGE portion WAS the wildlife portion was based on anedoctal and antiquated evidence along with some very conservative grazing to protect a bird that only uses the range for a few weeks.

The allotment holder actual told us "I want to reduce my numbers so this land is sustainable, I need to use it year after year." The WWP representative was worried about pedalstaling by naturally occuring frost heaves. He wouldn't listen to a soil scientist's perspective- it is natural. He wouldn't believe that PROPER grazing promotes biodiversity. He only wanted one thing- to get cattle off of public lands.

THe public lands in question probably triple the amount of land in the arid environment available to raise high quality, nutritious, wholesome food. These lands if properly taken care of flourish under moderate grazing. They also home to threatened species that have moved away from lands which have been retired from grazing.

I stand by my thoughts that many of these groups are domestic terrorists- using non-violent but effective just the same techniques to hurt America and the people which feed the people.


  1. I agree with you. Its like that word only let's their brains work on one track while they wear blinders and stick their fingers in their ears while saying , la lala la la, I can't hear you...." just drives me nuts!
    How to reach them? If you find out how to make peoples brains work on common sense and true 'reality', ie, where their food comes from and how its life cycle.... Well I guess we should never give up trying but some days I feel like I'm beating my head on a rock.
    You would think USDA would promot better (they do promot but not with much conviction) agriculture and where food comes from in a practical way...but then people don't trust the govt anymore....I know I don't so now what?

  2. Tina,
    Some of the employees of USDA are just as bad; especially those in the Forest Service. The Forest Supervisors and Rangers, along with the Department of Interior need to start taking a stand against these frivilous lawsuits and litigation. I think this is even more pertinent when the science is there to back it up.

    I also believe if we educate the general public hopefully the commonsense will follow in the elected officials?! Majority is supposed to rule in this country so if we can get more people sending letters to legislators, the Secretary of Interior and Ag, and others we can speak over the LOUD minority. Least that is how it is supposed to work. :)