Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Ag Business

I have been thinking... Scary huh? OK, so "big" ag business is bad. Little farmers are good. Tractors are bad, garden plots in cities are good. Grass-finishing is good, grain-finishing is bad. So basically, the loudest consumers want us to go backwards about 100 years? Am I understanding this right? We are supposed to go back to the days of each farmer producing enough food for 10-15 people. What are we going to do about the other 130-135 that today's American farmer feeds?

It would be fun to start tearing out fences, season long grazing seasons, and feeding with teams. But what would it do for the environment? Especially if we took out fences around riparian areas, the ones which prevent cattle from loafing in sensitive areas? Hasn't science research the value of rotational and deferred grazing systems? But who cares, we will have quintessential, small, farms, for local consumption.

Sorry, Montana you will no longer be getting citrus fruits, grapes, bananas, etc. The good news is people on the East Coast are going to have a reduction in the amount of beef they eat. Should make all the "red meat is bad" people happy.

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