Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cynical? Maybe.

Currently, there seems to be an upward trend of Ag people getting actively involved in legislation, advocacy, and technology. I hope a few minor victories will not let us feel like we can sit on our laurels. We need to keep submerged in issues that affect our livelihoods, traditions, and way of life.

Oregon SB613 is currently being laid to rest but legislators have until April 23 to make a final decision on the fate of the ill-written bill. People in Missouri are currently fighting their proposition dealing with dogs and breeding with increasing support. But I haven't heard much on from Washington State on the "egg legislation" nor has their been much about Nebraska lately.

Keep fighting the good fight. Educating legislators and the general masses alike about raising food and being stewards of the land!

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  1. Can we start a place on the internet for this type of thing, or just use Facebook? We have to stick together. there are so few of us left and getting older and fewer each year.