Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Annoyed with Oprah

Not only is Oprah an annoying sensationalist who has made billions of dollars off of people but she seems determined to undermine the livestock industry. Today, Oprah will air a show entitled- Oprah and 378 Staffers Go Vegan- The One Week Challenge

The show will have special guest Micheal Pollan author of "The Ominvores Dilemna" and Kathy Freston a vegan author and spiritual advisor. Both of these will share their thoughts about what you should eat and what you should know about the foods you eat. Wow! Really? I am sure they have each taken a science class in high school and thus are able to tell how to eat. Or maybe they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express?

In addition, Lisa Ling, Oprah's investigative reporter, is taking a look inside a beef processing facility.

The comments are flying in. Maybe they should have Angelina Jolie on their to counter balance?

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