Thursday, February 10, 2011

Public Lands

BLM, Forest Service, Refuges, and State ground are all part of the Public Lands system that is rampant in the Western United States. I am as guilty as the next person of blaming the local office for the management of these lands in the area. But, when you really get to thinking about it, they are doing only what they have been directed to do by voters.

Voters? Yep, the ones who elect the officials who make decisions on appropriations, directives, and legislation. I harp on people to quit taking their frustrations out on the local level and go to where it counts. Send letters to legislators praising the programs that are necessary for the land to be sustainable and the small communities viable.

We really need to get out of our shells and educate John Q. Public about why such practices are necessary. Why timber needs to be harvested. Why cattle are beneficial. Why feral horses need to be managed. The big one- How all these effect the land, resources, and economy of areas with a public lands component.

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