Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello Winter

We went from fallish/Indian summer weather straight into winter, now I think it might be fall for a couple more days.  We woke up to three inches of moisture-filled snow Friday morning and it didn't stop until this morning.  Getting an early jump on the snowpack, for next year.

I haven't looked at the almanac but would be interested to see what it had to say.  Anyway, the snow through a wrench in the plans to go help the neighbor finish sorting pairs for shipping.  He sells his cattle on the video and does it by sex.  So, each pair is sorted into a steer or heifer bunch until shipping time. 

The neighbor has a hard time getting help, not because he is hard to work for just because he chooses who he wants to work for him.  The people he chooses tend to have day jobs and are weekend warriors like myself.  Some days, I wish I could "cowboy" full time but this weekend wasn't one of those days.

Since, it is the season for being Thankful- I am going to start listing at the end of each post things I am thankful for- Today, I am thankful for the people who are out there 24-7 providing a safe, wholesome food supply.  I dang sure didn't want the job this weekend. 

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