Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I was country, when country wasn't cool

It is kind of funny.  In my family, there is this water and oil emersion.  I have three younger sisters.  Each of us is very different but also very alike.  I have two sisters who live in and around somewhat major metropolitian areas.  They are 10 minutes from Wal-Mart, Target, Victoria Secret etc.  My other sister is stuck in a large town because she is going to school but dreams of becoming a hermit in a line shack or in an outfitters tent.

*M* one of the two sisters who live in town, has come to visit me once.  She was dismayed that we didn't have any shopping within two hours.  She was scared about my lack of cell phone service and completely terrified that I do not have cable or satellite TV.  *J* the other sister who lives in town- is totally metropolitian but loves to come out because there is no cell phone service.  She is facinated by the local "boutiques" and appreciates the fact I will take her son fishing and even touch the fish and worms.

*D* is just D.  She is as rough and tumble as they come.  Spending most of her time outdoors tinkering with something.  Whether it is the garden, a colt, or a piece of machinery she just wants to be away from walls and ceilings.

Then there is me.  I do my thing.  Try to live in my world.  The funny thing is when we all get together it just meshes.  We talk about clothes, colts, and kids.  We laugh about me living in the sticks and having to internet shop.  But this is the life I have chosen.  It was the life I grew up in and come to appreciate more with age.

So, to the point, when I found this blog- Rural women rock.  I laughed.  What is the definition of rural?  When did we become so cool that people want to blog about us?  But a lady is doing it and flourishing.  Go check out Kasse's blog.  It is an inspiration and a treat.

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