Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rush Limbaugh

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this morning as I was driving to a meeting.  He said something that really rang a bell with me.  He said the way to stimulate the economy is to repeal many of the laws, regulations, and rules that limit business in the United States.

I guess Rush doesn't understand, those laws, regulations, and rules he wants rid of are employing people in government whose job it is to generate paperwork not products.  Jeez, what is he thinking?  I mean, requiring tractors to meet emissions standards requires someone to test the vehicle, someone to write the paperwork, someone to read the paperwork,.... the list goes on.  Not having that rule would allow a farmer $30-60,000 to hire someone to help on the farm, produce food which is harvested and sold, which needs to be processed, sorted, and marketed,  which will be sold in a grocery store to feed people. 

Hmm... I definitely think we need the big government approach. 
Have a great weekend. 


Have you eaten today?  Thank a farmer or rancher!


  1. Your on a roll! Where in the Midwest, if I can ask?

  2. Went to Kansas for a couple of days. It was one grandfather's 80th and my grandmother's b-day too! Stayed a day too long I am afraid but we made it!