Tuesday, November 8, 2011

State Refuge

Went out to the State Wildlife Refuge yesterday- I will have to post some pictures.  All I can say, is what a waste of resources.  There is grass everywhere that is not being utilized and will probably go up in smoke.  The same grass that could be used to make beef.  Don't get me wrong, this refuge is a bit forward thinking allowing some haying and grazing but not near what is needed.

We are trying to do some grazing studies out on the state ground but have been running into problems.  Oh well, it will happen later rather than sooner.  I do have some possibilities though.  They are spending millions to reconfigure the stream- much like the system I talked about early.  It is a pond and plug type.  Where they take the material from the "ponds" and use it to plug up other areas.  Your tax dollars at work.

Today, I am thankful for TnT- not the nitro kind.  The kid kind.  Tay last night was a frog who roped cows... I am starting to see a pattern here.  Her as a frog lived in a cardboard box barn.  We had alot of fun jumping around ribbiting! 

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