Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arizona Proposition

WOW! For a state that brought us McCain Arizona is sure making up for the defeat of Palin :) First, the Immigration Law which is still heavily being debated and now a proposition to protect the rights of carnivores, specifically those who like to harvest their own meat. Proposition 109 is to be put to a vote in November. The law would protect the rights of hunters from "people who have watched too many Disney movies". I am not making this up. That is exactly what the senator said- hence the quotes.

I guess I am not the only anti-Disney person out there. The senator who sponsored the bill went on to say- " There is no current threat to hunting in Arizona, but if there is ever a threat I want the decision to be based on science not emotion."

A big echo of what many have been saying. Good on you Arizona, keep up the fight.

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